Laurie Jiobu

When not painting, I'm often in the water swimming in a pool or in the ocean, or learning to surf. Many years ago, I was a modern dancer and choreographer.

Light and color have always been the main interests in my work. Previously, my oil paintings were geometric. Now I have a new-found freedom in using gesture and spontaneity, bringing in my love of movement.


Recently, I've been painting with acrylics on wood boards and also watercolor on paper.

collectors (selected)

Eli Broad, Paris, France

Hyatt Regency, Taipei, Taiwan (commission)

Toyo Printing, Tokyo, Japan

Kaiser Permanente. Santa Rosa, CA

PacifiCare, Newport Beach, CA

Joaquin Horton, San Francisco, CA

Jack Sullivan, San Francisco, CA

John and Ann Reynolds. Piedmont, CA

exhibitions (selected)

Triangle Gallery (solo exhibition)), San Francisco. CA

Gallery Sho, Tokyo, Japan

Don Soker, San Francisco

Doizaki Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Iri Lasorda Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Marin Arts Guild (curated by Richard Baker, SF Chronicle), Larkspur, CA

California Institute of the Arts Alumni Exhibit, Valencia, CA