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about me

My paintings are the artifacts of my journey to satisfy a curiosity. How do I show movement and rhythm? What will happen if I mix these colors together, what if I put these colors next to one another, how do these shapes work together, how do I create an interesting texture?

I was a modern dancer when I was younger, and now I'm an avid swimmer. Movement and rhythm are a big part of my life.

I use call and response when painting. By making abstract paintings, I hope that the viewer can be a part of the conversation.

collectors (selected)

Matt Higgins, NY, NY

Eli Broad, Paris, France

Josh Nadell, New York, NY

Hyatt Regency, Taipei, Taiwan (commission)

Toyo Printing, Tokyo, Japan

Kaiser Permanente. Santa Rosa, CA

PacifiCare, Newport Beach, CA

Joaquin Horton, San Francisco, CA

Jack Sullivan, San Francisco, CA

John and Ann Reynolds. Piedmont, CA

exhibitions (selected)

Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA

Triangle Gallery (solo show), San Francisco. CA

Gallery Sho, Tokyo, Japan

Don Soker, San Francisco

Doizaki Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Iri Lasorda Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Marin Arts Guild (curated by Richard Baker, SF Chronicle), Larkspur, CA

California Institute of the Arts Alumni Exhibit, Valencia, CA


California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

Univeristy of California, Los Angeles, CA

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