Artist Statement

It’s about the paint. It’s about call and response. It’s like a dance. It’s about my inner life being revealed. It’s the meeting of thought and feeling that creates a new thing - a painting.

Noise and chaos have always been difficult for me. In my paintings, I often return to the grid in a vain attempt to organize my world. There’s always the point, though, when I need to make my mark with a gesture to interrupt the orderly. Having been a modern dancer, movement is still an integral part of my life.

I often swim in a pool or in the ocean. Although it can be a meditative experience there is still an element of vulnerability in the water. Painting feels the same way. I have always lived near the Pacific Ocean, and I know that this light is a part of me.

I invite viewers to soften their gaze and not question what they’re seeing. Perhaps a moment of  stillness will spark a felt sense or a memory .

collectors (selected)

Eli Broad, Paris, France

Josh Nadell, New York, NY

Hyatt Regency, Taipei, Taiwan (commission)

Toyo Printing, Tokyo, Japan

Kaiser Permanente. Santa Rosa, CA

PacifiCare, Newport Beach, CA

Joaquin Horton, San Francisco, CA

Jack Sullivan, San Francisco, CA

John and Ann Reynolds. Piedmont, CA

exhibitions (selected)

Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA

Triangle Gallery (solo show), San Francisco. CA

Gallery Sho, Tokyo, Japan

Don Soker, San Francisco

Doizaki Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Iri Lasorda Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Marin Arts Guild (curated by Richard Baker, SF Chronicle), Larkspur, CA

California Institute of the Arts Alumni Exhibit, Valencia, CA


California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

Univeristy of California, Los Angeles, CA

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