the grid and coloring outside the lines


I like orderliness, but then I need to break out of that with bold color and gesture. The painting evolves as I add layers of paint, creating texture, ghostly images, and (hopefully) cohesiveness. I work on at least three paintings at a time, as they provide momentum in completing a group of work. I am conveying a felt sense through my use of abstract art.


As a young modern dancer, I always loved the quiet moments interspersed with fast movement.


Mixing color constantly engages me. Color conveys mood and information, whether in the exuberance of red, the depths of black, the elegance of gray, the wateriness of blue.


I often paint water because of my love for swimming, either following the black line in the pool during the endless laps of a workout or trying to meet the challenges of swimming in the Pacific Ocean.


Painting is a journey that calls to me. I try my best to respond.

collectors (selected)

Eli Broad, Paris, France

Josh Nadell, New York, NY

Hyatt Regency, Taipei, Taiwan (commission)

Toyo Printing, Tokyo, Japan

Kaiser Permanente. Santa Rosa, CA

PacifiCare, Newport Beach, CA

Joaquin Horton, San Francisco, CA

Jack Sullivan, San Francisco, CA

John and Ann Reynolds. Piedmont, CA

exhibitions (selected)

Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA

Triangle Gallery (solo show), San Francisco. CA

Gallery Sho, Tokyo, Japan

Don Soker, San Francisco

Doizaki Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Iri Lasorda Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Marin Arts Guild (curated by Richard Baker, SF Chronicle), Larkspur, CA

California Institute of the Arts Alumni Exhibit, Valencia, CA


California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

Univeristy of California, Los Angeles, CA

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