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My paintings reflect my love of movement and of nature. I'm an avid swimmer and in my younger years was a modern dancer. 


I switched from oils to working with acrylics recently because of the speed at which they dry. I'm able to keep a dialog with the painting going and keep working for long stretches of time.


I always have at least three paintings in progress because it allows me the freedom to try new ideas as they occur.


I think of my paintings as artifacts of a journey. Although I don't usually think directly about an activity, it's about the exuberance that I feel when swimming, biking, or dancing. Sometimes it's about my awe of nature.

collectors (selected)

The Edyth and Eli Broad Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Matt Higgins, Chatham, NJ

Bobbi Brown, Montclair, NJ

Greg Grasmehr, Los Angeles, CA

Josh Nadell, New York, NY

Hyatt Regency, Taipei, Taiwan (commission)

Toyo Printing, Tokyo, Japan

Kaiser Permanente. Santa Rosa, CA

PacifiCare, Newport Beach, CA

Joaquin Horton, San Francisco, CA

Jack Sullivan, San Francisco, CA

John and Ann Reynolds. Piedmont, CA

exhibitions (selected)

Jack Fischer Gallery (on-line juried exhibit)

Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA

Triangle Gallery (solo show), San Francisco. CA

Gallery Sho, Tokyo, Japan

Don Soker, San Francisco

Doizaki Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Iri Lasorda Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Marin Arts Guild (curated by Richard Baker, SF Chronicle), Larkspur, CA

California Institute of the Arts Alumni Exhibit, Valencia, CA


California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

Univeristy of California, Los Angeles, CA

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